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I didn't receive a confirmation email - (Gmail tab sorting issues)
I didn't receive a confirmation email - (Gmail tab sorting issues)
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Please check if you got our email in one of the following Gmail tabs:


If you did, below is an explanation on how to ensure that our emails will arrive in your main inbox:

How to move future messages automatically to a specific tab

If you want our messages to go into your Primary tab, you’ll need to create a filter.

  • In your Gmail account go to Settings(top right corner) > Filters and Blocked Addresses.



  • Check the Categorize As box and select Primary from the dropdown box beside it:


  • If you want all messages you’ve received from us to be moved to your Primary tab now, check the box for "Also apply to match messages conversations".

  • Click Create Filter.

Voila! Now the messages that are important to you will be sent to your Primary tab instead of Promotions.

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