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Which Moralis Academy subscription plan is best for me?
Which Moralis Academy subscription plan is best for me?
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At the Moralis Academy, we offer 3 different Plans.

Our three subscriptions are:

  • Web3 Fundamentals

  • Web3 Development

  • EVM, Rust, and Gaming

Each of our subscriptions offers two prices:

Please note that subscriptions must be paid in full at checkout. Currently, we do not offer payment installments for any academy subscription plans.

Prices for Monthly Subscription

Prices for Yearly Subscription

What subscription plan is best for me?

If your aim is to go full-time crypto (work full-time in the blockchain industry) the EVM, Rust, and Gaming (Professional) subscription is your best option. Access to the professional package in the academy also comes with access to the members-only community of Blockchain experts where you are free to ask for any assistance when necessary. The professional package also gives you access to a study guide/student plan as well as access to a student counselor who you can message throughout your course workload for assistance. The add-ons make this the best subscription plan for those looking to go full-time crypto.

If you are looking for a basic introduction/knowledge of crypto the basic and premium subscription are well suited for you. You are also welcome to upgrade your subscription at anytime!

For testimonials from former students who went on to go full-time crypto:

If you are a business that is interested in the academy to expand their team's blockchain knowledge please click on the following link: We are a business interested in Moralis Academy courses!

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