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How do I upgrade my subscription?
How do I upgrade my subscription?
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Note - This article applies to Moralis Academy subscriptions only. For Moralis Money or Web3, please refer to the articles below instead
​Web3 - Upgrade your plan (Increase Rate Limits)
Money - How to upgrade your account?

To upgrade your subscription from a Monthly to a Yearly plan - or from a lower subscription plan to a higher subscription plan (example from a basic subscription to a premium/professional subscription) - please:

  • Contact us at [email protected] informing us which plan you are looking to upgrade to, and let us know that you approve us placing a charge on your existing billing info, as well as setting up a new (upgraded) subscription. We will then place the charge on your existing billing info that we have on file, as well as cancel your previous subscription.

  • If you would first like to update your existing billing info, let us know that as well, and we'll send you a link to securely update your billing info.

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