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Our Official Accounts (BEWARE OF SCAMS & FAKE ACCOUNTS).
Our Official Accounts (BEWARE OF SCAMS & FAKE ACCOUNTS).
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The Moralis Academy conducts NO business on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Youtube Comment Section, or Telegram!

Any contact reaching out asking for an investment, giveaways, or access to your personal funds is NOT affiliated with the Moralis Academy or Ivan.

The OFFICIAL emails of the Moralis Academy:

As the Blockchain Industry continues to grow, we have noticed an alarming trend of fake accounts being set up. Learn more at our blog:

The OFFICIAL landing page for the Academy is at:

Always remember to contact customer support ([email protected]) if you have any queries or need to verify any information!

Impersonator fraudulent emails/links/Facebook!

Do not contact, join, or respond if you receive an email from any of the following emails. Keep in mind that there are many more contacts than only these:

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